What I learned Monday #231

1) I remember when hearing “I am and American” endeared me to a person. Now what people are really saying is “I am more American than you are”.

2) happy 4th birthday to our beloved queen, my sweet tater.

3) the best response to intimidation is to live in love and without fear.

4) my animals remind me to be more forgiving with people.

5) little else is bile inducing like touching a wad of gum under your chair that you did not put there.

6) in an effort to protect each other we may find ourselves living inauthentically.

7) realizing you’ve spent a solid texting conversation with your dear friend about researching and buying a vacuum cleaner and you are both really engaged and excited about the prospect of a new vacuum. Two lame peas in a pod.

8) I am thankful for a house full of my family and no drama.

9) marching band it an amazingly LONG season.

10) remember to SEE your partner. It is so easy, in our business, to live in parallel lines. To be so focused on the goals of life that you forget that you are meant to be striving together, intersecting as a team, not running the same race.

And one to grow on:

Religion is meant to bind us to this world by our similarities. That we are all flawed. That we all seek guidance. A deep desire to belong. We find comfort in our belonging. The challenge is to embrace our community while not condemning others for their own. To honor your “side” without demeaning those that differ. Those that seek to instill fear in our “way of life” do so because they can not abide by a philosophy of live and let live. A desire to agree to disagree. A belief that there is no “right way” but to let others follow their own path. When we choose the palette to paint our world it becomes more dim than reality. Only open windows allow the breeze. Build your comfort but understand that life is built with sand and the tide will change the landscape despite your best engineered moat. That God exists in the problem solving not the white knuckling to maintain comfort. Our evolution is fed by our response to adversity. There is no strength in being a river bed stone. Choose to be the river itself.


With this ring

When I look at my left hand I can’t help but think of the goose.  In the stack of sapphires and white gold is a ring that is hers.  I had it made shortly after she was born with the intention that I would give it to her on some special day.  I’ve worn the ring for 17 years without telling her that it was hers. last night while we were at the bug’s concert she was taking my rings off of my hand and putting them on her own.  One by one she asked their origin.  When she got to this ring my response was simple, “that one is yours”.  Her eyes grew big as saucers. “Read the inscription”, I offered. A smile spread across her face.  Sometimes the most wonderful moments happen in the most normal of places. Without pomp. No great reveal.  Just a sweet unexpected response to curiosity.  A beautifully unscripted pocket of time, perfect in its imperfection. It can feel like the background drops out of focus and it’s just you two in the moment.  Life is made more rich by the collection of these moments. Make a mental scrapbook of them to carry with you for your days with far less magic. Or to revel in when you are missing that person to the point of heart sickness.

It is all gone too quickly as was the case for our moment. In typical sibling rivalry she asks, “does the bug have a ring?” A simple shake of my head and we skipped to the other side of the moment. Over, but for me never to be forgotten.