13 and counting

so, there’s nothing like a weekend away to bring a couple to the brink of murder.  well, at least it makes me wanna pinch him . i think he’s too busy thinking about the 3 day sex-fest that is playing out in his head to notice that i’m being obnoxious.  which makes me want to pinch him that much more.  

maybe i should start from the beginning.  we go to new york every year for our anniversary.  he plans the trip  (because he likes to have a plan) and i get the ducks in a row for our home and business so we can get away. so, the day we leave i have my game face one and i’m crossing things off my list and he’s hopping around like a two year old doing the pee pee dance.  see, his work is done.  he just needs to sit back and let the vacation begin.  i’m running around like a mad woman tying loose ends.  and then…he starts with the questions.  are you bringing a rain coat?  do you have cash?  how about an umbrella? AHHHHHH! dude, stop micro-managing me.  i’ve got it covered and then some. he says, “honey, i’m not micro-managing you, i’m managing you.  really?! pretty sure you meant to say something else. something that sounded like, “oh , babe you rock! can’t wait to get to our 3 day sex-fest.  cause now, i’m trying to figure out ways to fake that i’m having my period, just to spite you.  then, we wait for his parents to take us to the train station.  he’s up and down, inside and outside, chatty cathy.  um, i’ve been watching OZ for like a month straight.  i am now schooled in a bazillion ways to take a brother out.  so watch it!  go giggle outside or  run around the block cause you are gonna make my last nerve snap.  we get dropped off at the train station and wait on the bench for the train to come.  dushie and i are tweeting back and forth about how i need meds and he needs a nickname.  so, for this trip stubby hubs hunk will be know as porter chop, and that makes me giggle.  only, he’s too busy doing the pee pee dance looking for the train to notice that i’m having a laugh at his expense.  the train pulls up.  he says, “the train’s here!”  really?! that big, smelly, noisy, thing that is blocking the sun is the train?  porter chop pulls our luggage onto the train and we sit back into our seats and sigh.  poof!  we are magically transformed back into our selves.  

yeah, 13 years and it is the same every time.  

well we’re here now and he’s giving me the hairy eye ball…porter chop needs to eat.  

have a great weekend,


6 responses to “13 and counting”

  1. Dushie

    I am laughing my head off over this one. Poor little Porter Chop! Sex him up sister!

  2. jen

    i think you know the soundtrack that’s playing in my head as i read this (bwaka bwaka synthesizer stuff…)
    have a good time in nyc with porter chop.

  3. LisaB

    I am so happy that love exists and it really is really real…at least for others. I hope you have fun and kick some ass…just not each others. :)

  4. EH Shuba

    gotta finish work first and then it’s all rump shaking all the time…..with a few show tunes thrown in for good measure

  5. EH Shuba

    it’s getting hot in here…..row chinka row row

  6. EH Shuba

    thanks lady. he’s so easy to love.  it’s me that has to count my blessings….that said let fuck fest 2010 begin

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