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deep thoughts by mama

     so, i’ve always imagined that inside my head there is a flintstone-esque saber-toothed rodent on a wheel.  i am an internal obsesser.  that rodent never hops off the wheel for a drink.  it’s always just spinning.  i have vivid memories as a child of lying in bed and not being able to get […]

the world is my church

     so, this life is not a bus ride to ascension.   we’re here to do real work.  to be active in our communities.  to make change where it is necessary.  to improve our selves and our world.  if you are treading water, you aren’t really living. if you see that something needs to […]

the best laid plans

    so, i had a two day board meeting this weekend.  there was a dinner friday night and an all day meeting saturday.  i didn’t need to, but i chose to stay in the hotel overnight.  picture a quiet room.  two beds.  a lap top.  a book.  no one else.  heaven, right?  not forever, just one […]

there's no place like home

     so, i’m a lover.  i always have been.  when i was younger i had a harder time channeling my “passion”.  so it probably didn’t feel that way for those around me. i can’t help it.  i feel things…deeply…and then i’m not afraid to tell people about those feelings.  i get how that may […]

they write the songs

    so, i’m a lover of music.   i spend a good deal of time at home alone. i LOVE to play the tunes at a volume that is just below where it makes your desk vibrate.  it gets hard to write like a grown-up when your pen is bouncing all over the desk.  you see, […]

jamacia me crazy

    so, my husband thinks i’m crazy.  i am willing to concede that in most instances, he is correct.  still, it burns my britches when i feel i have a legitimate gripe and know he’s just repeating the mantra “girl you so crazy!” over and over again instead of listening whilst i rip him a […]

and you can too

    so, i have a dear friend who is waging war on the big “C”.  bear with me it gets better.  she is a fabulous lady.  her laughter is contagious and her face is yummy enough to eat.  her illness has been a testament to how much people love her as she has this large group […]

memories like the corner of my mind

    so, it’s interesting how a name or a word can cause a flood of memories .  things you had not thought about in forever .  some one recently mentioned erma bombeck.  if you don’t know her, she is the witty author of such books as “if life is a bowl of cherries, what am i […]

we is a four letter word

      so, i’m a pretty level headed person (lie). i don’t really get my panties in a bunch about much(big lie).  most stuff just roles right off my back (not even close to the truth). but, nothing makes my head explode more than when someone says we when they really mean me (meaning E, me […]


      so, we all have an internal voice.  some match precisely our external voice.  others are not even from the the same state or century.  in my head i am a southern baptist preacher’s daughter.  my voices match right on…not at all. in actuality i am a northern unitarian dentist’s daughter. but lawd when i […]