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let me entertain me

    so, some folks are people persons.  i’m a people watcher.  i am at my happiest watching, just sitting, watching people walk past and inventing their life’s story.  if you add some one else observing with me…heaven.  recently i was having dinner with a group of friends and i was tickled to find that our table […]

gimme the keys i'm driving

    so, my husband was on my neflix account to add some movies and he noticed that the heading for movies recommended for me was “drama with a strong female” oh how appropiate that is…      i come form a long line of strong women.  some of us have had our husbands die in our […]


    so, genetics are a funny thing.  two people put all they have into the shaker and hope for yatzee.  well i got it.  i’m not bragging.  i’m as suprised as anyone.  i mean i married a sweet, loving, supportive, honest man, but half of my kids stuff is from me, so it could have gone […]

sometimes naked is just was happens before you get dressed

    so, due to my poor planning ability, i usually don’t do things in an order that makes universal sense.  this morning was a perfect example.  i was about to get into the shower when i realized i wanted to listen to music while showering.  we have these great wireless speakers, but the whosie-what’s-it (you know […]

you're not the boss of me

    so, i will not be told what to do.  i’d like to be more laid back, but it’s just not in my genetic make-up.  i think i believed that as i got older an more mature (yeah right), i would grow out of it.  not so much so.  so i did what any self serving […]

just call me the queen of half right

    so, have you ever heard someone singing along with a song, but they have the lyrics wrong?  welcome to my life.  i have the keen ability to remember trivial things like my life depended on it.  yet, i routinely get lost going to friends house’s that i have been to before a million times.  i […]

sure, i'll be the butt

so, some people are organized, some are good at math.  me, i got the power of funny.  i’ve learned to live with it.  i’m sure i’ll be ok eventually,but it’s been a hard life (not really). let’s go back a bit. i remember someone saying to me in grade school, “i was watching you when […]

so this is it

so, a dear friend and i were talking about expanding face book posts into a blog.  she made the jump first and i followed shortly there after. i have been writing my whole life and never dreamed that people would find my ramblings either witty or amusing.  as it turns out i might be funny. […]

obsessive multi- tasker

    so i seldom do just one thing at a time.  it’s not because i am so brilliant that i can accomplish so many things at once.  it is more likely that i have some debilitating brain ailment that precludes me from sitting still.  i sometimes say i have a.d.d., but i don’t really.  this brings […]