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even granny can be an f-tard

     so, i think i’ve said before that i’ve been writing since i was a kid.  for the most part i would write in a journal.  mostly just my thoughts.  definitly not for public consumption.  there were two times in my life where one of my parents read my journal with out asking.  i […]

not so anonymous

so, not only am i (or my scent, anyway) desired by 60 year old men around the world (or the one weird pot belled guy at the guy), they feel remorse at this admission. if this sentence is confusing to you, please find i’m a switch hitter and give it a whirl.  ok, so, i’m […]

she's mine

     so, this morning i get this call from my mother, who is vacationing in florida, to thank me for the kindle that i gave her for christmas, that she has just used for the first time.  i know that’s a run on sentence but my mother will not be bound by the proprieties […]

i'm a switch hitter…i guess

     so, i’m not sure why, but people think that they can say anything to me.  there must be something about me that gives people the impression that my threshold is limitless.  it might be why some have said that i am a good friend.  those people also know that i have a horrible […]

life in a small town

     so, today i was living in a lou reed/john cale song…sort of.  it was all about life in a small town.  the girl was communing with the arts for the WHOLE day so i played taxi.  i’m sat in a corner of my favorite coffee shop reading a great book on my kindle. […]

you missed a spot

     so, i have been meaning for some time to speak about an epidemic that is sweeping the country……MAN CLEAN.  for those of you married to eagle scouts, you can stop reading  now.  this won’t be about your fella.  man clean is what your house and children look like if you have ever been […]

don't be my valentine

     so, i think valentine’s day is silly.  first the girls who live and die by this “holiday” are usually the ones who say valentimes.  that makes me want to stab them in the eye with a fork.  i’m not a violent person, but a girl has urges.  i have this crazy idea that […]

they're nice kids for f-tards

     so, i have nice kids.  not to each other, and not so much to me.  yet, i have heard that out in the world, they exhibit manners and kindness.  the quandary is, some of my kids friends aren’t really all that nice.  there is the one who argues with me about everything.  the […]

day 18

so, some of you may have heard that i am married to a cute micro-manager.  if this is news to you, here is an example.  i apparently don’t know how to shovel.  imagine my surprise.  i have been shoveling since my parents deemed me worthy, which was probably at the age of 4.  but said […]

mean streets

     oh so new york, you are a tough town.  with the dry hospital air that you pipe into your every hotel room.  which dries my skin and throat past the point where they can be rehydrated.  thus, rendering me a snoring prune.  to sleep in beds so far off the ground that i […]