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the hubs no more

so, as i said before the hubs doesn’t read the monkey.  his reason was that he lives it (me) and doesn’t need to hear my stories.  someone must have emailed him rumpus room redo, because he emailed me that he doesn’t like being referred to as the hubs.  here i thought i was changing the names […]

rumpus room redo

     so i don’t know what it is about spring, but i am filled with the urge to spend money. daddy warbucks he ain’t but what else can i do to occupy my time.  my dad says i like to stimulate the economy.  i never really thought about that because i was too fixed […]

come on everyone, it's what I learned Monday

     so, welcome to what i learned monday.  i learn something new everyday and decided to compile a list every monday so you can benefit from my fount of knowledge.  or, learn things you never wanted to know, as the case may be.   1) when big girls get mad on the soccer field, […]

you're the one with the problem

     so, i love to have an adult beverage.  my grandmother used to say, “well, the sun is over the yard arm.”  i think that’s 1950’s speak for it’s five o’clock some where.  i have been know to clap and say YEAH (like that special kid on south park) when a waitress delivers a […]

you gotta know when to hold 'em

     ok, so i am going to tell this story for a couple of reasons. one being that i am unitarian (somewhere a pack of angry unitarians is gathering to get me out of the book.) and we don’t do the lent thing so it’s my chanse to self sacrifice. i could never deny […]

what's your passion?

so , i have, in one way or another, volunteered for an organization that works to improve the lives of woman  i won’t do the organization any disservice by naming it (i wouldn’t think they would want to hang their hat on my (falling) star).  i get asked a lot why i am so passionate […]

lines are for waiting

     so, i am not a fan of complaining.  the irony of this comment is not lost on me, but bear with me.  this past weekend (the first filled with sunshine since october) i take the goose to the greenhouse to pick some colors to plant in the garden.  we are in line about […]

let them be named

     so, my dushie and i were chatting recently.  that’s not the news.  see, we are both relatively new bloggers. we have been going back and forth about the topic of kids.  we both feel that it is enough of a burden in their lives that we are their mothers (poor dears) without the […]

this is why i should sit in the back….alone

     so, my dushie pushed me to attend a blogging workshop.  i usually don’t go for those sorts of things because i have a short attention span and i tend to shout out what i’m thinking (a friday afternoon rant ).  since i have been thinking about moving my blog to wordpress (wordpress always makes […]

remember that trip your aunt sally took?

     so, i have a confession to make……i’m a voyeur.  i don’t make this admission lightly.  in fact, i didn’t even come to this realization alone.  i got outed by my kids.  more on that in a minute.  i am not much of a rubber necker.  although i will file it away if they […]