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he's kinda famous

     so, i’ve mentioned that my parents don’t read this.  my dad always says, when i laugh at him, i’m sure this is going to make the blog.  i tell him it will for sure.  the part i never thought through is that my sibs will dime me out at the drop of a […]

he's blog worthy

     so, i have mentioned before that i have this funny 9 year old guy living in my house (see whenever he speaks i think, that would be a great subject to write about.  instead i just thought i would share a couple of his most blog worthy quotes.  like most men, his mood […]

a friday afternoon rant

     so, i don’t know if it’s the final arrival of spring or needing to up my meds, but i am feeling so melancholy.  seriously feeling like hugging everyone i see…and i’m not a hugger.  so as if to play into this mood, my dad invites us over for lunch.  we non-working, kept woman […]

rainbows-not just for skittles anymore

     so, we have all heard the old adage, you can’t make everybody happy all of the time.  i’m sure i’m not alone in realizing that there are people out there that can’t be made happy any of the time.  these folks are constantly looking for a fight.  there was a time in my […]

rock me amadeus…or not

     so, i’m allowed to tell this story because i have been a stage manager in live theater.  i will even go as far as to include myself when i say that we are a kookie bunch.  most would make perfect cartoons.  most have napoleon complex, whether they are little or not.  although that […]

go get 'um tiger

     so, we had a lovely family weekend.  we went to see alice in wonderland (eh, not quit as good as i would have hoped.) and then out to dinner with some great friends. then we went back to their house to play a game.  my memory is awful so i can recall it’s […]

it's ok i come with instructions

     so, inside i am a 12 year old boy.  i can keep this pretty well under wraps for most of the day.  i can not be held responsible after 8:00 pm.  all restraint has worn thin and you get what you get. i’m pretty forthcoming about this fact.  i can only pretend to […]

i'm a ripper

     so, i never realized until today how difficult it is to take a bath in secret.       see, i box on fridays.  it’s just a group of four woman who may or may not be extremely competitive.  which is great because we all push each other.  our instructor knows this about us and […]

did you get my message? not so much

     so, my dad has started texting.  while he is normally a fairly eloquent man in person, he sounds life a german f-tard.  he abbreviates things that don’t really make sense abbreviated. and spells out things that could easily be said in an abridged fashion.  for some reason he texts in inverted work order. […]

check it out

     so, sometimes you (i) need to take stock in our lives and count the ways that we are blessed.  so here goes.    go to lunch with a friend complaining about how out of control my skin is and she tells me my teeth look great (just came from the dentist.  the hard […]