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What I learned Monday

hey ya’ll another what i learned monday:  1) hitching my wagon to one fella, for life, is more exciting than i thought it could be. 2) riding on the n train with 2 high school girls does not make me miss high school at all. 3) people will do anything @jrfinger says. 4) honesty isn’t […]

fork you! i don't spoon

so i married a shy man.  what has happened to him since mystifies, but that’s a story for another time.  he kinda took what was offered to him, by his past love affairs as fact.  so when we first got together he was very misinformed.  after the wild passion subsided he always wanted to cuddle. […]

why my life still makes me laugh

so, on our last night in the city, we saw an off broadway show and then bar hopped and played cards for the rest of the evening.  it should be said that my great-grandmother taught me how to play progressive gin when i was 8 years old.  i was gonna go pro, but was sidelined […]

after the sigh

so, we’re in the city and it’s like playing at life.  wondering the streets of new york, having cocktails in the middle of the day, and eating.  i love this city. we come every year because i need to be reminded of how lucky i am. i mean, its day 18 and he’s still cute, that’s […]

13 and counting

so, there’s nothing like a weekend away to bring a couple to the brink of murder.  well, at least it makes me wanna pinch him . i think he’s too busy thinking about the 3 day sex-fest that is playing out in his head to notice that i’m being obnoxious.  which makes me want to […]

5 questions and one to grow on

this week’s victim is my daughter the goose. 1)what are you called? squid weird awesome 2)who are you on the inside? creative joyful loving 3)who are you on the outside? fashionable crazy smart 4)what do you love? family design studio friends 5)what do you hate?  boys thieves nightmares and one to grow on  6)who/what do […]

life unguarded

i lead a life unguarded   a reminder that not all do  a wolf in sheep’s clothing  to my doe eyed ignorance  if being authentic is naiveté  send me to the wolves in sacrifice  i don’t know any other way to be Missy Higgins Nightminds Tweet This Post

sadness is fleeting

so, sometimes, not very often, i wake feeling self sorry.  it takes three i am goods, just to get out of bed in the morning.  not that i ever bound out of bed and greet the day with open arms, but i usually embrace the fact that i am lucky to have another day.  this […]

somebody needs to read this

so,some of you new readers my have missed letter to a daughter. maybe take a minute to read it, please.  i try to live my life in that manner.  it’s not that i think i’m some hot ticket that has it all figured out….but if i’ve been through something i feel it’s my responsibility so be […]

what I learned Monday

1)egg salad made at 9pm easter is much crunchier than usual…may have correlation to amount of alcohol consumed by creator of said salad.  2)i can spend HOURS looking for split ends on my own head…obsess much?  well, i am part monkey.  3)stubby hubs hunk makes a mean beef bourguignon.   4)people i know in real […]