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sunscreen is important

what i learned monday

1) sunscreen is important 2) getting poison ivy on boobs is just ridiculous. 3) teleconferences are not for those with attention challenges. 4) i can no longer party like it’s 1999. 5) i’m a sucker for a tv marathon. 6) pet rats with cherry tomato sized lumps may not need to have a dose of […]

they grow away from us

our home is a child’s place the laughter bouncing off the walls it tickles my ears like high notes on the piano the touch of a little hand as they walk past more value than diamonds around my neck how have i lived not knowing this love my people my little people mine ours mine […]

old friends are like your skinny jeans…on a skinny day

so,one of my earliest memories is of my friend lala.  we moved when i was about to start first grade.  i climbed my little self onto the bus and walked to the back (that’s right, i was cool even at 5 years old).  there was a girl sitting by herself.  she was cute as a […]

5 questions plus one to grow on

1)what are you called? jules 2)who are you on the inside? determined 3)who are you on the outside? loud and sassy 4)what do you love? an ocean breeze 5)what do you hate? bigotry and one to grow on 6)what/who do you want to be? satisfaction jules was my first baby at grandmommy and granddaddy’s house […]

what i learned monday

first hi and welcome to the face lifted monkey site.  i would like to thank tara, of Scoutie Girl fame, for making it ooze gorgeousity. so here are the things i learned last week. 1)i will wear stubby hubs hunk down about getting philly union season ticket….eventually. 2)i should be good at texas hold’em cause […]

it's a little dark in here

hallow halls with crimson walls and air that’s thick as cotton have you seen the trip to the very bottom? a consequence of living in my head and in my bed cursing those around me do you know the way to santa fe? where i can warm my buns as the suns rays heat the […]

an answer to dylan thomas

i first read this poem when i was in 4th grade and i have loved it ever since.  in case you are not familiar with dylan thomas, here is a bit of background.  he was a welsh poet who also has written some short stories.  he was believed to have drank himself to death.  he […]

five questions

the answers to today’s five questions are brought to you by http://www.ablogo… 1) what are you called? they call me pootie pie 2) who are you on the inside? immature 15 year old trapped in a smoking hot 17  year old body 3) who are you on the outside? forty fluffy fabulous 4) what do you love? my family […]