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coochie coo

so, sometimes life is a small town can really come back to bite you in the ass.  when you’re me, it can feel like you prowling for ways to be bitten.  i looked at my calendar and realized that i had a date with a pap smear today.  trust me i didn’t lay out the […]

not all geeks bite the heads off of chickens

so, when ever i’m working a room and stubs wants me to shut up, he tells people that i went to german camp.  yeah, you heard right, german camp.  not like the horrors of concentration camps, language camp.  you know how cool kids go to cheerleading camp or basketball camp?  this dork chose to go […]

paris is waiting….but not for me

so, i’m not going to paris .  at least not this spring.  i’ve reconciled this fact… sort of.  or at least i thought i had.  until, last week when my mother sent me their itinerary.  yep, they’re going.  i’m happy for them.  they deserve it.  they work really hard.   and now for sour grapes.  that’s ok, because […]

what i learned monday

1) little things make me happy. 2) morning always comes too soon. 3) still rocking the wonders of margaritas in a box. 4) i’m really not a fancy coffee kind of girl, but i keep trying…because they look so good. 5) pizza, writing, online shopping, and bed makes a perfect mother’s day weekend. 6) we’ll […]

happiness comes in a cup

oh mother’s day weekend how i love thee…let me count the ways.  as i’ve said before, i’m not one to celebrate hallmark holidays.  it’s too easy to commercialize our relationships as it is.  i don’t need someone to tell me that i need to treasure someone i love by giving them STUFF.  likewise, i don’t […]

red robin mmmmm

so, every once in  while (day 18 ) i get a hankering for something specific to eat.  last night it was red robin.  they have this pot roast sandwich that i might negotiate the loss of a limb for.  we don’t have one here, but the goose had a game 45 minutes away and there is one […]

5 questions and one to grow on

missed these yesterday…. 1)what are you called? daddy dupa junk food 2)who are you inside? sweet smart better 3)who are you outside? calm subtle sleek 4) what do you love? you me them 5) what do you hate? conflict sleeplessness nosebleeds and one to grow on  6)what/who do you want to be? god    i […]

i'm doing my very best

so, since i have already divulged that i was a pot smoking bath house patron and you’re still here, i guess this must be the real thing.  unless you are my mother, in which case, this has been a week of pure fiction and you look really pretty today (big cheesy grin).  that brings me […]

the sage of age

so, the summer that my grandmother was losing her battle with pancreatic cancer, i was shipped off for a month to live with her sister. as happens in big families, my mother’s aunt (her mother’s sister) was closer in age to her.  this meant that i (as the oldest child of my mother) was closer […]

What I learned Monday

1)i am truly awed by the concept of margarita in a box.  i’m not really too concerned with how lame that is.  it’s the little things people. 2) side boob is never cute…even in a night gown.  thank goodness for the education i receive from my daughter. 3) i’m a bitch for coffee. 4)it’s never […]