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sippies and hot tubs

sippies and hot tubs

it is with a heavy heart, that i share a loss with you.  while on vacation, i lost a dear friend.  a friend that had seen me through some great times in my life. i had been sharing the day with my special friend.  all was going well.  we got into the hot tub together […]

miss nellie if you’re nasty

i would never call stubby hubs hunk a nervous nellie….that is except right before i called him one.  he can get his panties in a bunch in a way i have seldom seen before.  i’m wondering now if he maybe he majored in conniption fits in college.  i’m willing to admit that most of the […]

what i learned monday

1)no matter how much fun you have 8 hours is a long way to go for the beach. 2)this will take several days to heal. and by this i mean lack of sleep, too much drink, and WAY too much eat. 3) we were on vacation with a great group of kids. 4)spicy indian food […]

push the button

i am a button pusher.  it’s not really all that different from stirring the pot.  you find out something about some one and you keep pushing the button until you get bored or the other person shrieks “uncle”.  i know it sounds pretty immature, but, well, yeah i got nothing.  i’m immature.   oops! the house […]

life is just a fantasy…i can’t live the fantasy life.

sorry for being an absentee blogger.  i’m on vacation with 6 families and have been busy and working really hard.  before the trip i was met with decrees of needing to train to get to my fighting tolerance in drinking…no problem.  i can competitively drink with the best of them.  what i should have trained […]

it’s the good ship

things, they happen for a reason i’ve never been a girl for all seasons i’m a fall fall into you we fall out the leaves fall around me in piles of orange and red it’s the tiny little whisper i can barely hear inside my head but here we are in summer toasted toes and […]

what i learned monday

1) the last 20 minutes of the ride to the beach are always the hardest… especially when you really have to pee. 2) who needs cousins for your kids when friends are just as good as family. 3)you don’t REALLY need sleep while on vacation. 4) you DO need coffee. 5) it’s hard to do […]

expect the unexpected

nothing says welcome to your summer vacation like a doctor’s visit.  the kids both needed physicals for camp.  so off we went. evidently the news had spread across the elementary school that before entering 6th grade you needed to have your first tetanus shot.  i know my girl well enough to know that it’s best […]

a mantra

ours is not to question but to offer shelter only an open hand can be held defensive wounds take far too long to heal turn the other cheek while acceptance can bring peace stand up or sit down, it’s all the same it’s a path that must be walked to it’s very end you are […]

what i learned monday

1)i’m a sucker for the Tony’s. 2) if given the choice, i would take a pedicure over food, but not over coffee. 3)there are only so many hours in the day, and i would gladly sleep for 18 1/2 of them. 4)the stubs would like to keep his punk rock and his broadway separate.  guess […]