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running with the gravy train

last night i played my first game of out door at this specific field.  if you are a new reader, i play soccer.  before you get too impressed it’s old lady soccer and i’m not very good.  last night’s game was great fun.  i had not yet played 7v7 and was interested to find out […]

and the living is easy

sparrow sing away the sorrow. shepherdess leads the flock toward each other away from loneliness a thread that’s golden in hue binds us freedom comes in words a pain undone and forgotten a new path to follow toward tomorrow another chance always another chance to be better Tweet This Post

a thanks giving

with less heavy a heart i can breathe more deeply though tomorrow is uncertain, today there is a rainbow words have loosened the tightness that the silence delivered i am healed my vision is clear again nothing more is needed this new understanding will carry us through Tweet This Post

i’m just waiting on a friend

i learned last night that even if you have stopped wishing for it…good things can come.  that heart ache that is so desperately painful that you tuck it away in the dark recesses of your heart so it doesn’t hurt so much to breathe.  over time you learn to not long for what is out […]

only an open heart can receive

it’s not much but i am now open to feel what may or may never come i am open to hear that it was said makes me open to believe that you are true i am open yours is not to worry for me as i am open no expectations because i am open i […]

off with the rose colored glasses

it happened!  a paradigm shift. i looked at the bug as he was suiting up to be catcher at his ball game.  for a split second i saw the man he would become.  his big puppy paws, my father’s hands, strapping on the pads.  for an instant i was going to offer help, but i […]

for goodness sake

i have a friend who i can honestly say is a good girl.  i know at first blush that may sound condescending.  i, in no way, mean it to be. in my life, i have been called many things, a good friend, a good daughter,a good mother.  i have NEVER been , nor will i […]

what i learned monday

1) Marvin Gaye’s let’s get it on is not appropriate music for a grocery store…duh 2) the bug is the sweetest boy alive.  after i slept in last wednesday, he came home from school and said, “it’s ok mommy, you deserve your beauty rest.” 3)my parents are home,and the lump has loosened from my throat. 4) […]

call me alexander...please

call me alexander…please

when i was littlewas my favorite book.  every once in a while i have a terrible horrible no good very bad day of my own and thanks to alexander  i know that in order to remedy my malaise, all i need to do is move to australia.  i’m sure i’d love australia, what with their […]