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lumpy sniffer

i like to sniff.  i like the way things smell.  it’s not enough to have my house not smell bad.  i constantly strive to have it smelling yummy.  i’m partial to spicy rather than sweet smells.  i wasn’t a thumb sucker as a baby.  i sniffed my blankie.  later i sniffed my pillow.  i have […]

no bugs for the bug

i mentioned that i took the Goose to camp this week in letter to a daughter II.  we also took the Bug to camp this week.  that’s right people i am childless until friday.  and i’m not liking it so much.  i was having a poor me kinda day.  i’m PMSing which means that stubby hubs […]

letter to a daughter II

oh my girl. i write this with such a heavy heart. i dropped you off at camp yesterday and it was like watching a hi 8 of myself.  you were all independence and strength on the ride there.  you were so exited.  you have never shied from the unknown.  my favorite goose quote was from […]

what i learned monday

1)this house it too quiet with out my babies 2)when your 11 year old forgets to pack her flip-flops in the steamer truck she insisted on packing herself.  she will be embarrassed if you show up with them a day later.  so sayeth the lord…or said 11 year old. 3)sending a lumpy pet rat to […]

can you feel it too?

01 The Sensual World it’s a tingle of the skin a shiver down my spine are you ready for this we come together as one in a moment memory draws this for me again and again you are one of a handful of memories that let me know i have lived and done it well […]

home coming

my eyes have laid upon a vision one that ring bells pull strings i am melting at the vision all hardness falls away i, who have held fast, who have closed myself off for so long with his touch a blinding light clears away all need for protection i now have found sight it is […]

what i learned monday

1) hot sauce is god nectar 2) hard ice tea is not god nectar…but gives god size hangovers 3) it’s ALWAYS good to be home 4) i need a vacation from my vacation 5) i’m not a cat person 6) sea and ski was the best smelling suntan lotion.  i wonder if they even make […]

ma familia

growing up in a big family means we always had someone.  someone to run and get our mother when bullies had run our sled up the biggest tree at the best sledding hill in town.  someone else’s experience to draw from when life throws you something you can’t quite work out on your own.  someone […]

the best half

he leaves and i am half of myself my heart now beats for me alone the emptiness of my unanswered calls deafens me my man my heart my life absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder it makes the heart grow heavy with loss and need you are the best part of me and with […]

what i learned monday

1)i am no longer the only heavily tattooed person at the beach….and yet people still stare. 2)being on vacation with my extended family is the best. 3)WE MISS YOU BUDDY! 4)rummikub is a drinking game. 5)if given the choice of two twins or a double bed to share with stubby hubs hunk, i will always […]