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today my boy is a man

no, we haven’t had his bar mitzvah.  yet, something as memorable has happened in my young man’s life.  last night we gathered in the rumpus room for a nice PG movie together.  one of my favorites from my youth.  the Clash of the Titans…the original one.  we four were sat around the tellie reveling in […]

“x” marks the spot or you are here

the future has been written by your yesterday you are still responsible for tomorrow only in the way you live today living a whole life is the path to authenticity being genuine with all those you meet knowing your mind living that truth loving til it almost hurts this is it, your only performance your […]

what i learned monday

1) i love my bed… above all others. 2) i don’t miss the heavy pitter patter of small children running…at least not while trying to sleep. 3)i gotta stop beginning questions with “you know how…” 4) other woman don’t find hair from their head in their butt crack, hours after they have showered and dressed. […]

who you calling lucky?

last night was my fireworks show.  everyone loved the “beast” and i kept all of my fingers…so all in all it was a great time.  at some point the conversation turned to relationships.  i shared a story that i had heard on NPR.  the interview was of a married couple.  both of which were therapists. […]

look ma no fingers

when we were kids my brother, brew, didn’t like loud noises.  we would go to a fireworks show and invariably my mother would run away holding him as he wailed so they could watch them from the car.  when he got old enough to talk about it he would say, “i have sensitive ears.”  this […]