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apology interrupted

so there are times i have come to the realization that i was wrong. *gasp* no, really it happens.  ok like maybe just twice.  the second time was recently.  i was tired and not at my best.  i probably spoke more tersely than was intended.  i decided these actions required an apology.  so i went […]

when katie came

she came to town and took not my town no where close to my town but she took from us all she took homes, dignity, and lives she took the blinders from our eyes now you have to choose to believe that equality exists here she revealed a system that is broken, a leader that […]

what i learned monday

1) i mourn the end of summer in the same way as i might the loss of a pet 2) the mourning period is fairly short lasting, as fall is my favorite holiday and the plans for halloween must commence. 3)i did not catch up on my sleep this summer….again. 4) i have finally tracked […]

whistle blower or why we all just can’tget along

it sounds so noble.  that courageous person who sees a wrong and can’t sit idly by and let a moment pass with out change.  in reality, it feels like crap!  a stomach ache.  sleeplessness.  concern for the people involved.  it occurs to me as i pull the whistle from my lips and the shrill sound […]

what i learned monday

1)persistence should be a virtue. 2)some how 4 hours of driving makes less sense when ones destination is a board meeting, than when one is headed to a soccer game. 3)i thrive when people underestimate me. 4)i may learn, one day, how to live my life in some other speed besides off and on. 5)tylenol […]

darling christie

i never had a hard time making friends.  but there was a time in my life that i wasn’t as sure about where i fit into the dynamic.  i’m sure no one had an easy time in junior high.  by definition, you have to be awkward and weird and not wholly comfortable in your own […]

after a day working in the sun

i drag this body from slumber war torn and ragged the sinew of dreams struggle to be released hands that only open and close in pain feet that crackle as if over a fire knees that pop like corn another day older another day i am alive the gift of a hard days work Tweet […]

what i learned monday

1)beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but everyone can see stupid. 2)my silliness is some people’s vitamins.  thanks BFR. 3)my BGV is gonna get famouser 4)not everyone finds hairless rats as cute as we do.  they just have to learn to find the beauty in ugly. 5)digging a new flower bed is […]