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pushing up Daisy

you may recall that we are rat lovers in this house.  don’t knock it until you try it.  they are lovely pets.  unlike other rodents, they want to snuggle.  if you are lucky and get special rats, they may even give you kisses.  unfortunately, rats are also very prone to tumors.  for us this meant […]

a summer call

that sound that chorus the singing of a summer swarm the white noise of nature it soothes it lulls it sends me to my needful rest never has cacophony sounded so pleasing mine ears have heard the summer’s call Tweet This Post

what i learned monday

1)mamma bird is happier when her babies are home. 2)it takes exactly 23 minutes for an 11 year old girl to go from missing you desperately to her usual snarky self. 3)a  9 year old boy who was horribly home sick for the first 4 days of camp, will leave on the fifth day wanting […]