running with the gravy train

last night i played my first game of out door at this specific field.  if you are a new reader, i play soccer.  before you get too impressed it’s old lady soccer and i’m not very good.  last night’s game was great fun.  i had not yet played 7v7 and was interested to find out the formation and how that would work out.

this field happens to be beside a purina plant.  picture running your fanny off, while toasting dog food is being pumped into the atmosphere.  at first it was just the smell that i noticed.  then i began to realize that the air was thick with it.  my chest was burning with it.

this morning i got to thinking maybe it’s like swimmers that wear two suits for training.  or baseball players on deck practice swinging with that weight thingy on the end of the bat.  i imagine that today i will be able to out run a locomotive do in no small part to last night’s running in a cloud of horse meat.

that is right after i clean my nose of the dog food crust that has formed there.  i wonder if i continue to collect it, if it can feet my dogs?

or maybe my rats….or not



8 responses to “running with the gravy train”

  1. Jen Ballz

    I was so hoping your post would include actual gravy (and some mashed potatoes maybe…) but I liked it anyway! Although with the dog food forming in your nose, maybe if you blow it…….okay. Gross. Gagging this early in the morning is so attractive.

  2. Dushie

    Let us know if you begin to scratch behind your ears.

  3. Shawn

    So start with the alluring images of hot moms playing soccer, end with boogers. NICE! 😉

  4. Holly B

    If you start rubbing your butt on the carpet… we are so having you tested for worms!
    *bleck* to the smell of dog food.. but it could have been worse. Its could have been next to a glue factory.

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