whistle blower or why we all just can’tget along

it sounds so noble.  that courageous person who sees a wrong and can’t sit idly by and let a moment pass with out change.  in reality, it feels like crap!  a stomach ache.  sleeplessness.  concern for the people involved.  it occurs to me as i pull the whistle from my lips and the shrill sound fades in my ears, that it has more to do with being obsessive compulsive.  an inability to walk past the rumpled rug with out straightening it.  i can’t let something go when it doesn’t sit well with me.  oh that i could, it would be an easier life.  a while ago, i wrote that it’s not that i don’t care about other people’s feelings, it just that i am incapable, or unwilling, to put them before my own sense of right and wrong.

as uncomfortable as it is to have the whistle blown on you, know that the blower is not sitting pretty on a barrel of sunshine.



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  1. Holly B

    I can so relate to this. Years ago when I worked in Medical Records one of our administrators ordered the “change” of some medical records that had been subpoenaed by an attorney. Then she had the balls to ask us in Medical Records and the person that changed the records to lie about it under oath. Her excuse was “desperate times call for desperate measures” NOW – even knowing this was done could have gotten my butt 1 year in jail and a hefty $$ fine. I wouldn’t do it. I quit.. after 10+ years. When I went to court I told the truth. I dang sure wasn’t going to lie. Well ….. Admin lost her job/license as did several others.. including most of our consultants and one Vice President. All knew what had been done. My intentions was not to cost so many their jobs, but my personal integrity and moral core would not allow me to lie.

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