5 questions and one to grow on

welcome to Wednesday’s 5 questions and one to grown on.  this week’s victim is the bug, my 9 year old boy.  as always if you would like to play, just answer the first 5 questions with three words and the 6th with one. 

1) what are you called? i’m the bug

2) who are you inside? smart athletic great

3) who are you outside? i am me

4) what do you love? i love mommy

5) what do you hate? sad rainy days

and one to grow on 

6)who/what do you want to be? wizard   

in my world you are the only bug that i love.  

you are smart enough to know that it is enough in this life to just “be me”.  

nothing can make me smile on a sad rainy day like when i hear you say “mommy”  

you are one of my greatest creations. 

even if you grow up to be and athlete of a wizard, you will always remain my bug.

2 responses to “5 questions and one to grow on”

  1. Claudia

    My boy is monkey butt and calls me Momma still. That will never grow old.

  2. EH Shuba

    love it! i hope they call me mommy for ever, even if it’s only in private.

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