5 questions and one to grow on

this week’s victim is my daughter the goose.

1)what are you called? squid weird awesome

2)who are you on the inside? creative joyful loving

3)who are you on the outside? fashionable crazy smart

4)what do you love? family design studio friends

5)what do you hate?  boys thieves nightmares

and one to grow on 

6)who/what do you want to be? me

oh my joyful weird girl you are the best of us  

you are creative and fashionable and crazy smart

it’s awesome that you are loving your design studio  

one day you’ll love boys though don’t let them thief your heart 

friends and family alike love you most because you aren’t afraid to be “me” 

i will forever keep you safe while awake or in your nightmares 

you are mine and i couldn’t be more proud

if you want to play, answer the first 5 questions with 3 words and the 6th with 1.  look for it on wednesdays. 



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