5 questions and one to grow on

so, wednesdays are going to be interview days.  here’s the scoop. i have 6 questions.  each needs to be answered with 3 words.  of course my dushie (Who the heck is Dushie anyway?) is the first victim. so here it goes. 

1) what are you called? the different one

2) who are you on the inside? a lost girl

3) who are you outside? the ship’s captain

4) what to love? boys and dogs

5) what to you hate? the word ugly

and one to grow one 

6)what/who do you want to be? alive

dushie my dushie you are the different one.
but in you i am no longer a lost girl.
i would ride full steam ahead on any ship of which you were the captain.
our heart open to boys and dogs just the same.
in this world there is ugly, but in you i only know the lovely.
i breath you in because with you i know i am alive.

8 responses to “5 questions and one to grow on”

  1. Dushie

    Of course you know, I am crying. What else would I be doing? Every girls needs her own poem…..I am throwing all previous poems to me away and only keeping yours. Love you.

  2. EH Shuba

    project make dushie cry today…complete.

    i love that you have other poems written for you.
    love you more
  3. Dushie

    other poems were from various boys and men who probably had a method to their madness. xx

  4. EH Shuba

    oh perfect. cause i’m all madness no method

  5. LisaB

    Oh, the love shared between dushies is a rare and precious gift! Aren’t women blessed to have friends this special and this close?

    I LOVED THIS POST! :) Pootie

  6. EH Shuba

    we are! we are quite blessed.

    you wanna do it?
  7. Dushie

    so I just spend 10 minutes trying to explain the interview and poem to my mother. Oy vey.

  8. EH Shuba

    oy, mothers….except us of course cause we get everything and are super cool

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