5 questions and one to grow on

missed these yesterday….

1)what are you called? daddy dupa junk food

2)who are you inside? sweet smart better

3)who are you outside? calm subtle sleek

4) what do you love? you me them

5) what do you hate? conflict sleeplessness nosebleeds

and one to grow on 

6)what/who do you want to be? god   

i am the luckiest. 

no matter how much junk food you eat you still have a sleek dupa.  

you are sweet to my sour, smart to my dour, and better than i deserve.  

they say calm waters run deep, with you truer words were never spoken.  

your funny is so subtle, i think it’s just for me.  

we never conflict about the big things.  

them, you, me makes us, our safe place to fall.  

(really? nosebleeds, you want me to put that in a poem?) 

 i love that boot knocking is still the cause of our sleeplessness.  

never have i been more sure that what we have is fated, some may call that god. 

you are my truth my beloved my hot toddy and my baby daddy.

6 responses to “5 questions and one to grow on”

  1. Ellen Finger

    Damn. That’s love.

  2. EH Shuba

    yeah i kinda made myself puke a little….

  3. LisaB

    Jaded as I am, totally in awe of you and hubs. Totally glad “it” exists and telling you to hold onto it. :) Love your poems. You are so fabulous.

  4. EH Shuba

    aw lady! you are too kind and i am too lucky for words

  5. Janet Napolitano

    You are neither sour or dour. You are VERY Sweet….. perhaps to the point of putting your dental hygiene at risk.

  6. EH Shuba

    well, that explains my diligence in flossing. you are too kind sir

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