5 questions plus one to grow on

1)what are you called? jules

2)who are you on the inside? determined

3)who are you on the outside? loud and sassy

4)what do you love? an ocean breeze

5)what do you hate? bigotry

and one to grow on

6)what/who do you want to be? satisfaction

jules was my first baby

at grandmommy and granddaddy’s house she was mine

her skin smelled as clean as an ocean breeze

never one to look the other way from  ugliness

she has been loud in her intolerance of  bigotry

she grew to be a sassy determined woman

who has finally found satisfaction in love

love you lady,


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3 responses to “5 questions plus one to grow on”

  1. Twitter flirt

    Is it wrong that “One to grow on” makes me laugh like Beavis every time I see it?

  2. Emily

    nope…me too. guess that means we’re both 12 year old boys :)

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