a friday afternoon rant

     so, i don’t know if it’s the final arrival of spring or needing to up my meds, but i am feeling so melancholy.  seriously feeling like hugging everyone i see…and i’m not a hugger.  so as if to play into this mood, my dad invites us over for lunch.  we non-working, kept woman can drop the laundry like a bad habbit for anything that pops up.  one of my favorite things to do is sit around a table and look at the faces of the people i love. we even called the brother who live in another state.  i think my father’s final words were,”we’re all having lunch together and you weren’t here….sucker.”  that’s dad’s speak for i got all my babies but one and we miss you.  see, i got my funny from him.  he takes the same approach to funny. it’s all good and well as long as he’s laughing.  he has a little extra. he calls it his assburners.  sometimes you get a look at the inside of his head.  i’ll give you the tamest version, “this pepper spread is still pretty zippy and it’s really old.”  yeah, really? hmm, we weren’t even talking about that. since you mention it though, perhaps you would like to warn your family that you are trying to poison them with old pickled peppers.  the point is, i’m lucky. i have them.  they make me laugh.  they make me feel grounded.  they have made me who i am.  i’m pretty happy with how i turned out, so i guess i have my family to thank. and dad for the scape goat because assburners is definitely a hereditary condition.  i got it…bad.  you know that filter that most people have.  the thing that you run your thoughts through before you say them?  yeah, don’t have that.  once i find an audience, the little filter i was graced with goes away in the name of entertainment.  thanks dad.  assburners, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  i don’t know what’s worse, sharing my worthless thoughts to entertain, or hugging strangers? well yes red zinfendel you do answer that question in a way that makes nothing else seem quite as pertinent…………

happy spring ya’ll, 


2 responses to “a friday afternoon rant”

  1. Ellen Finger

    I, too, have the lack of filter, but only in certain situations…like important work meetings. Yeah. Something about working with sweet, sheltered, southern Lancaster County natives brings out the best/worst in me. And oddly, at other times, I’m completely monitoring my every syllable so much that I sound liked a ri-TARD. But, just like you, if I have an audience, it’s all over.

  2. EH Shuba

    long live the f-tards!!

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