after the sigh

so, we’re in the city and it’s like playing at life.  wondering the streets of new york, having cocktails in the middle of the day, and eating.  i love this city. we come every year because i need to be reminded of how lucky i am. i mean, its day 18

and he’s still cute, that’s like a miracle.  our only job is to be with each other.  there’s no expectation.  this weekend is just about us.  last night a dinner he looked up from his burger and it was like he was seeing me for the first time.  he said, “have i told you today how pretty you are?”  at home i might have just shrugged it off as him trying to prime me for sex later.  just another need i was expected to fill.  here i was hoping he was trying to prime me for sex later and if he wasn’t, i was gonna jump him anyway.  he’s always good. it’s me.  i’m such a loner.  i live in my head. sometimes i forget that he chose me to be his partner.  for this i owe him all i have, because really, who else could have hung in there this long? i know why marriages break up.  it’s not because they fall out of love.  i really feel that once you love some one you always will.  it’s because they fall out of like.  liking your partner is the hard part.   sometimes all you need to do is have a reminder weekend to get things rolling again.  

and baby steer clear of this train cause it’s full steam ahead. 

feel the cheese factor? 

i don’t even care,



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  1. LisaB

    What a lovely post! You my friend understand what love truly is. It’s about the small moments…..and the choices we make. :) I am impressed by you. You see the world in such a different way and it makes sense to me.

  2. EH Shuba

    what lovely words! thank you thank you thank you

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