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  1. JenBallz

    Wow! That is beautiful – it looks like stained glass! What did she use to do it? I’m thinking 10 years is too long – there’s always First Fridays – and I know a girl who had her pictures (photography, not painting) up at Carmen & Davids when she was only 17!
    Elizabeth, your writing is an art. So is your individualism. And your kindness.
    I totally get what you mean about letting them have the free reign that we think they should have (as far as art and expressing themselves goes) but trying to find a line to draw to give them the boundaries that they probably crave. I struggle with that everyday.

    Have a great day and know that you are definitely doing something right because your kids are awesome and you’re not too shabby yourself 😉

  2. Ann


    Really cute pics in the lobby at school as well. Was admiring them this morning when I dropped the kids off. Not only super artistic but so photogenic too!

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