14 responses to “and gabby makes three”

  1. Victoria Abadir


  2. innie

    You are my hero.

  3. Mel

    I am the “all too proud” mommy of 2 rescue dogs. If I could, I would have ten. There is nothing like the unconditional love that a furry baby shares with you. Those that have been rescued, somehow… they know and they are eternally appreciative. But I can’t help but wonder… who rescued whom?

  4. Kristin FM

    Thank you for this. She sure deserved a Shuba home! Warms my heart, wrecks my mascara…

  5. jen

    Lovely!! I have no doubt that Gabby knows she’s landed in a big field of clover (and that stubby hubs hunk secretly loves having her around :) )

  6. Melissa

    Reading this made me really miss my two kids. Its truly amazing to watch a rescued dog come to trust and love you unconditionally. You can always tell which two belong to me at the dog park. I’ve almost found it pointless to go since they linger near me rather than play with the others. Can’t wait to meet your Gabby.

  7. Susan Petersheim

    Lovely. Just lovely. Thank you.

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