apology interrupted

so there are times i have come to the realization that i was wrong. *gasp* no, really it happens.  ok like maybe just twice.  the second time was recently.  i was tired and not at my best.  i probably spoke more tersely than was intended.  i decided these actions required an apology.  so i went to the person i had offended (today we will call him fubby fubs funk, to maintain some opacity.  isn’t that a great word?  it’s the opposite of transparency….)

i said, “sorry”.

he said, “for what”?

but it was that for what, where i could tell that he was still mad.

it tried to give him a, let’s sweep it under the rug and have a good day, hug.

he just sat there.  then he made a comment that let me know for sure that he was mad.

i poured a cup of coffee and walked back up to bed.

dude i can’t rewrite history….that’s what the hug was for




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  1. Ellen Finger

    I feel ya, sister. My fusband says if I hug him or smile after an argument or a mistake that it’s usually too early for him to feel ready to forgive. He wants me to wallow in my regret a little while longer and not let the hug erase the hurt too soon. (sigh)

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