obscene finger gestures

so, while i would say i am absolutely a coffee snob, i also realize that it is the necessary oil that gets, my motor going in the morning. this is the down side of the french press.  it’s not big enough.  for two people.  ours is the biggest i could find and it only makes […]

she's funny but she's crazy

so there’s something you should know before we go any further.  i know, it’s a lot like telling you i’m married or gay when you’ve already fallen in love but….here goes. i have trouble with balance.  what i mean to say is, i have no idea what balance looks like.  i joke that i have […]

what I learned Monday

1) i was a lot happier before the bug learned how to work the dvr 2) when you realize that your beloved child stopped recording a soccer game you were hoping to see, it’d be better if it was the last 24 minutes of the game that was recorded rather than the first.  lucky for […]

a wedding and a funeral

so, the two biggest events in a person’s life are their wedding and their funeral.  today i am celebrating both a person’s life and another person’s love.  if you have lived life well the people who love you will share both events with you.   funerals are for the people that are left.  as mrs. […]

it's little dark in here

hallow halls with crimson walls and air that’s thick as cotton have you seen the trip to the very bottom? a consequence of living in my head and in my bed cursing those around me do you know the way to santa fe? where i can warm my buns as the suns rays heat the […]

open letter

dear agent of change (roxanne), i know i know it’s awful the green and the white.  the saddest thing is i spent hours crafts the ugliness that you see before you.  before i changed to a white it was black. do you think that would be better until my magician makes it fabulous?  for you, […]

fact or fiction friday

welcome to fact or fiction friday.  you decide:   at subway they call their breakfast sandwiches egg mc-whatever.   some have said i move to the beat of my own drummer.  the goose has her own soundtrack.  if you listen closely you can hear it.   it’s totally normal for an 11 year old girl […]

we've reached the middle place

so, my dear friends A & M lost their mother yesterday. A is married to M, but they have known each other since they were in grade school.  M’s mom became a second mother to A.  mrs. R fought a long hard battle with cancer.  the last couple of months were the most difficult.  she […]

open letter

dearest sir,   it has been brought to my attention that you have a handful of concerns about this forum that i have created.  i would like to use this opportunity to allay you fears and concerns.  i know my blog is ugly and difficult to read, but because i am an f-tard, i am […]

5 questions and one to grow on

welcome to Wednesday’s 5 questions and one to grown on.  this week’s victim is the bug, my 9 year old boy.  as always if you would like to play, just answer the first 5 questions with three words and the 6th with one.  1) what are you called? i’m the bug 2) who are you […]