aw the 80's

so, last night was a lovely gathering of friends.  my friend J came to town and we had a couple of other friends from high school and dushie(of course) to the bbq.  what a good time. and several wonderful things came out of the gathering.  most importantly, a 20 year old mystery was solved.  

i’ll get to that next but first i have to talk about the miracles of margaritas in a box….yeah i guess that about sums it up.  i should have invented that.  after all it is margarita appreciation week (maybe month at this rate) and i am really being appreciative.  

there is also a plan in the works for a party next spring for anyone turning 40, or who is 40, or who has once been 40, or knows someone who is any of those things.  this plan was put into place after the first box and a half of margaritas, so the field may be narrowed a bit by “go” time.  my first clue…talk of having a mammogram/prostate exam booth at the party that dushie will be manning (or womaning as the case may be). OY!  

now the mystery.  after prom (1989) a bunch of us went to J’s sister’s house to hang out (she was out of town).  i pulled out my cute little (we’ll say tobacco) pipe to smoke (tobacco of course).  i loved that thing it was tiny and white and had a scorpion etched in the neck.  my friend’s mom had made it for me and if such things can have sentimental value, then it did.  so as sometimes happens when you are smoking (tobacco of course), i misplaced the little beauty and left the party with out it.  when we got back to school on monday i asked J if she had found it.  to my great disappointment, she had not.  on some level, i’m not sure i believed her.  probably because i know she would have had to deep clean the house so she didn’t get in trouble with her sister.  so for 20 years i held the belief that she probably just kept it.  it was totally super awesome, so why wouldn’t she have.  well, last night i got the story.  her brother-in-law had found it, smoked it, and kept it.  he told her that if she said anything about it he would tell J’s sister that she had the party when they were out of town.  so she is absolved…i’m sure she feels at ease…probably not.  

p.s. pass the dutchie was playing while during the revelation…



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  1. dushie

    Wow word gets out like wild fire! I volunteered to man the prostate checking station but only if its the test where I hold the package and say cough. If there are any fingers involved I’m switching to the mammo station. And when I say fingers, I am not referring to the people.

  2. EH Shuba

    finger people…HA

  3. Ellen Finger

    Huh?! You talkin’ to me?

  4. EH Shuba


  5. Ben Dover

    May I ask why in the hell would anybody have to wait until next Spring for a party? wow a mammogram – prostate booth!!!! reminds me of my first “real” physical – ouch! as I looked to left I saw a hand on my shoulder and as I looked to the right I also saw a hand.

    Just to assist with the anatomy portion of tonights show… which is being brought to you by FloMax…. uhmmm the “package” has nothing do with the “prostrate” gland – so unless you plan on utilizing your digits (as in getting your hands dirty) – I would say you should focus on the next station – besides you never ever hold the “package”…… and say cough.

    Please don’t think that “Dushie” take away from an post about pipes – is to hold the package!

    Oh and since when can you not say POT!!! I mean you are taking about having a prostrate exam booth “manned”….

  6. EH Shuba

    1) we are all turning 40 next spring and it will take us that long to plan

    2)sounds like there was a 3rd party
    3)thanks flomax i think dushie is now certified.
    4)one can say pot….i’m just not gonna back myself into a corner i can’t get out of

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