call me alexander…please

when i was littlewas my favorite book.  every once in a while i have a terrible horrible no good very bad day of my own and thanks to alexander  i know that in order to remedy my malaise, all i need to do is move to australia.  i’m sure i’d love australia, what with their toilets flushing counter clockwise and all the grilling they do.  so i’m packing my bags.  but before i head out, i thought it only fair to fill you in on what has precipitated the move. i’d like to say that it has nothing (everything) to do with day 18.  i have been for 2 weeks pretending that my foot pain may NOT be a stress fracture.  it seems that no amount of ice and   can aid me in walking like the  (clears throat) middle aged woman i am.  of course had i been thinking about my age, it’s quite possible i would not have attempted to play offense in seven hours of soccer in two days.  then again, i was never accused of being the sharpest crayon in the box.  this brings us to another lovely moment that is surely to send me to another continent. i may not be the sharpest crayon, but i certainly am a lovely crimson due to the silliness of a sunburn.  oy!  last night i decided i would do the mature thing and not play to allow my body to rest.  stubs and i have this agreement.  he gets up with the kids on wednesdays because if i’ve had a game, i’ve been up late.  i’m grateful for this allowance of several extra hours of sleep.  however today the lines must have gotten crossed because i came downstairs around 9 am to find this note form the bug…

now, i’m willing to admit that i am feeling sensitive.  this is how i took the note.  hey slacker! thanks for sleeping in and not even getting your lazy butt out of bed to say good bye to us.  while you were sleeping your life away, daddy, our hero, was making the best lunch ever.  not only that, but he had enough energy and is such a great guy that after meeting our needs he went to the gym.  the p.s.s. says he likes chocolate milk.  he needs to tell me this because i am so unaware of my kids wants and needs, that i don’t even know what his favorite drink is.

i would also like to point out that i am aware that his handwriting leaves something to be desired.  i can’t take responsibility for that either, he is training to be a doctor…..

so, i’ll either take a nap or move to australia….or both.



6 responses to “call me alexander…please”

  1. Holly B

    Why do we always feel that way when we take a little time ( even if it is sleeping) to ourselves? Why do we always feel guilty? If we had penis’ I guarantee there would be no guilt feeling.

    Sounds like you have had a morning like mine.

    Hope it gets better.

  2. Dushie

    Dear extra sharp purple crayon,

    Have I told you how beautiful your blog is and that I would miss you if you moved to the land down under? I am so impressed that you are now incorporating photos for our entertainment….and on day 18 to boot!

    With kind regards,
    rounded, broken in half pink crayon

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