castles in the sand:magpie tales 39

up with the morning sun

up with my mourning son

how could life have left him so ill prepared

so lost

shadows are more home than haunt

it seems to hit him so

in a way he can’t rebound

can he not see the sum of his parts

some of his choices made in lifetime

this life you long for

always out of your grasp

beyond your reach

is so because you have made it so

life is not a box of puzzle pieces that by chance fit

you cut the puzzle with everyday you live

so look in

look at yourself

blame your choices

for we make our own luck

nothing is left to chance

if your world crumbles around you

it may be that it was built on sand

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20 responses to “castles in the sand:magpie tales 39”

  1. willow

    Excellent play on morning sun/mourning son. Wise words.
    willow recently posted..chicken in every pot

  2. Rene Foran

    wise words indeed. The getting of wisdom is oftentimes a painful process.
    Rene Foran recently posted..ruby thewes day

  3. helen

    Having raised three sons, I relate well to your Magpie. Nicely done!

  4. Kristen Haskell

    There are no truer words than “if your world crumbles around you, it maybe that it was built on sand.” Lovely piece :)
    Kristen Haskell recently posted..Chickens and Me

  5. Cosmos Cami

    Beautiful ponderings made poetic.
    Thanks for the nice read.

  6. Tumblewords

    Perfectly penned!
    Tumblewords recently posted..Wanderer for Big Tent

  7. brain

    checking my foundation for sand…smiles.
    brain recently posted..street corner rainbows

  8. dushie

    Nice writing Dushie, I couldn’t even attempt this one as that rooster was buggin’ me out with his beady little eye.
    dushie recently posted..Truth in advertising…Lipitor- here I come

  9. Jingle

    smart tale…

    beautiful way of conveying your message,

    Jingle recently posted..Monday’s Child-The Smell of Life

  10. Caty

    great thoughts, well written. We all need a solid base to build on.

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