girls and boys

expect the unexpected

nothing says welcome to your summer vacation like a doctor’s visit.  the kids both needed physicals for camp.  so off we went. evidently the news had spread across the elementary school that before entering 6th grade you needed to have your first tetanus shot.  i know my girl well enough to know that it’s best […]

let them be named

     so, my dushie and i were chatting recently.  that’s not the news.  see, we are both relatively new bloggers. we have been going back and forth about the topic of kids.  we both feel that it is enough of a burden in their lives that we are their mothers (poor dears) without the […]

day 18

so, some of you may have heard that i am married to a cute micro-manager.  if this is news to you, here is an example.  i apparently don’t know how to shovel.  imagine my surprise.  i have been shoveling since my parents deemed me worthy, which was probably at the age of 4.  but said […]