an answer to dylan thomas

i first read this poem when i was in 4th grade and i have loved it ever since.  in case you are not familiar with dylan thomas, here is a bit of background.  he was a welsh poet who also has written some short stories.  he was believed to have drank himself to death.  he […]

coochie coo

so, sometimes life is a small town can really come back to bite you in the ass.  when you’re me, it can feel like you prowling for ways to be bitten.  i looked at my calendar and realized that i had a date with a pap smear today.  trust me i didn’t lay out the […]

paris is waiting….but not for me

so, i’m not going to paris .  at least not this spring.  i’ve reconciled this fact… sort of.  or at least i thought i had.  until, last week when my mother sent me their itinerary.  yep, they’re going.  i’m happy for them.  they deserve it.  they work really hard.   and now for sour grapes.  that’s ok, because […]