things you might not want to know

she's funny but she's crazy

so there’s something you should know before we go any further.  i know, it’s a lot like telling you i’m married or gay when you’ve already fallen in love but….here goes. i have trouble with balance.  what i mean to say is, i have no idea what balance looks like.  i joke that i have […]

she's mine

     so, this morning i get this call from my mother, who is vacationing in florida, to thank me for the kindle that i gave her for christmas, that she has just used for the first time.  i know that’s a run on sentence but my mother will not be bound by the proprieties […]

life in a small town

     so, today i was living in a lou reed/john cale song…sort of.  it was all about life in a small town.  the girl was communing with the arts for the WHOLE day so i played taxi.  i’m sat in a corner of my favorite coffee shop reading a great book on my kindle. […]

deep thoughts by mama

     so, i’ve always imagined that inside my head there is a flintstone-esque saber-toothed rodent on a wheel.  i am an internal obsesser.  that rodent never hops off the wheel for a drink.  it’s always just spinning.  i have vivid memories as a child of lying in bed and not being able to get […]

the world is my church

     so, this life is not a bus ride to ascension.   we’re here to do real work.  to be active in our communities.  to make change where it is necessary.  to improve our selves and our world.  if you are treading water, you aren’t really living. if you see that something needs to […]

the best laid plans

    so, i had a two day board meeting this weekend.  there was a dinner friday night and an all day meeting saturday.  i didn’t need to, but i chose to stay in the hotel overnight.  picture a quiet room.  two beds.  a lap top.  a book.  no one else.  heaven, right?  not forever, just one […]

there's no place like home

     so, i’m a lover.  i always have been.  when i was younger i had a harder time channeling my “passion”.  so it probably didn’t feel that way for those around me. i can’t help it.  i feel things…deeply…and then i’m not afraid to tell people about those feelings.  i get how that may […]