Mount Gretna school of knocks

It was a magical summer evening in a cottage in the woods. The rain danced off the leaves. We ate our veggie dinner al fresco on the wrap around porch. We told stories. The gin flowed. Just two good friends sharing there riches with my family of four. After the kids and men got ice […]

Do your everything hand low

Growing up, nudity wasn’t that big of a deal. We weren’t streakers or anything of that nature but I have had plenty of conversations where only one party was fully clothed. It wasn’t weird, it was normal. My house now? Totally different story. Knowing that I have prudish kids I do my best to not […]

What I learned Monday #178

1) Ombudsman…not a Gardner or pot dealer 2) I wonder if the beagle ever gets tired of singing the song of his people. 3) When you give up a job in the house, you get what you get and you don’t get upset. But strawberries have to be organic. 4) Peri-menopausal rage is a lot […]

I’m in the phone book too.

I have finally found my special purpose. When my grandmother met me for the first time she said, “boy is she solid.” Just what every girl wants to be. I am a whole lot of person packed into a pint sized frame. My mother has told me I am built like a brick shit house. […]

What I learned Monday #156

1) I am the WORST Christmas tree setter upper EVER…. 2) Bad things happen to good people but they never go through it alone 3) Never trust a friendship as it is depicted onFB 4) This week I will be promoted from senior key holder to manager on duty…just for a day. You will call […]

What I learned Monday #147

1) one of these days I will learn to cook the oatmeal with the burner below HIGH. 2) lip smackers are the best lipgloss, hands down. 3) the time has come where I buy clothes for the goose hoping she doesn’t like them and I can have them. 4) a Saturday in bed, even a […]