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     so, sometimes you (i) need to take stock in our lives and count the ways that we are blessed. 

so here goes.   

go to lunch with a friend complaining about how out of control my skin is and she tells me my teeth look great (just came from the dentist.  the hard life of a kept woman.   

asked your husband for for some spice.  he offered it and when turned down, responds with, “you can’t win if you don’t get in the game”. (that’s had me giggling all day. love a sports analogy as it relates to romance.).   

 lucky enough to have two dogs wrestling on top of me while i try to work.   

get a call from some one else’s father thanking you for making a meal for them (see, it’s what’s for dinner). 

a liquor store within walking distance of home. 

ice cream with in walking distance of home.

parents who think you’re funny (FINALLY).  

another friend to have dinner with.  

a husband who lets you go out to dinner with a friend.  

wine at that dinner.  

food food food, that you didn’t have to cook. 

music music music 

    aw crap, i have a charmed life. i should quit complaining.  so my kid’s a prima donna.  so my kid has sloppy handwriting.  let’s find a silver lining. ummmm, some people like to be condescended to.  uhhhh, maybe he’ll be a doctor, or who really WRITES anymore.  when it’s this list of loves versus the world of loss. i’ll take my lumps.  i can always go back to bed and start over again. 

mmmmmmm, bed 



2 responses to “check it out”

  1. Tina

    My kid can’t write either, but he’s a brilliant athlete with the greatest gift to amuse himself with his own humor!!! (and he’s so sweet, to boot!)
    Gee, you forgot that you can write!! and quite well I might add! xo Tina

  2. EH Shuba

    thanks tina. gotta love a kid who thinks he’s funny

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