6 responses to “confessions of a monkey”

  1. dushie

    I would call you a Gla-Gla-Gleek
    dushie recently posted..Open letter to Unilever from a control freak with frizz

  2. Ellen Finger

    Oh, please. My husband will happily tell you I’m the biggest dork you know. And I will not protest. I sang “Eye of the Tiger” on the way home from work, for Pete’s sake.

  3. Miss Nikki

    I think Glee is the worst show. Ever. Fame ruled the face of the earth in these types of shows, but I forgive you because like you I am gaga over Lady Gaga! I love her and can’t get enough of her! AND your honesty got you a new follower! Yay!
    Miss Nikki recently posted..Sex-Ed 101 for Married Couples

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