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  1. Mary

    I loved reading this. I felt like I was there. Dare I ask what she wore? I will forever picture her at a much younger age asking you why she couldn’t get a pair of peep toe shoes (I believe in red). Smiles all around and thanks for sharing since I am raising the boy version of this :)

  2. brew

    why is there no mention of the quality of the job you did (through the eyes of the goose), nor how good of a time she had? did she ever get that slow dance?

    i life revolves around you, but…

  3. Annie

    I loved this. Brought back memories of the LCC and Overlook dances in the summer of ’85. My life revolved around what to wear to the dances. My friends and I would spend hours prepping (with Aqua Net hairspray and Wet and Wild lipstick). We would circulate outfits and mix them up a little bit so no one would notice. At the dances, every time “Shout” by Tears for Fears or “I Want Candy” came on…we would scream and run to the dance floor. Careless Whisper and Crazy for You were the slow songs. Wow. Brings back memories.

    You are a good mom e. Someday the goose will know how good she had it….and she’ll actually tell you.

  4. Claud

    Loved this too! Took me back to days of Bethany, Hamilton Park and Overlook dances. We would hit Gino’s after. In later years, we would go to the Manheim Township Friendly’s because they had cuter boys. God, I miss those times. This brought all of it flooding back and yearning for a time machine!

  5. Shawn

    7th grade already? Sheesh. I must be reading the wrong blog – she can’t possibly be that old already, can she?

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