darling christie

i never had a hard time making friends.  but there was a time in my life that i wasn’t as sure about where i fit into the dynamic.  i’m sure no one had an easy time in junior high.  by definition, you have to be awkward and weird and not wholly comfortable in your own skin.  for me junior high was tough because i didn’t feel those things as much as people felt them about me.  i had been a tomboy my whole life.  in junior high, all my friends discovered girls. evidently they didn’t know where i fit.  to the boys i wasn’t quite a girl and to the girls definitely not a boy and not quite a girl they wanted to hang out with.

then christie came to our school.  she wasn’t like anyone i knew.  she was a dancer.  most kids my age hadn’t been doing anything long enough to be defined by it.

even their house was something from a different place.  it was very frank lloyd wright.  all windows and open space. so different from the boxy victorian that i had grown up in.

she was my first friend whose parents were divorced.  i didn’t have the words for it at the time, but her mom was a lesbian.  she was great. christie was an only child.  their family was just so different from mine .. her mom talked to us like we were people.  we were allowed to blare music in the main room of the house.  with her,  i first became aquatinted with the michael jackson’s thriller.  it’s also where i met prince.  prince holds a place in time for me.  if you think that this little man in purple is a strange marker of my youth, wait till you hear this….

it’s late afternoon in early fall.  christie and i are swinging on the swings at the playground of the school that was within walking distance of christie’s house.  we are getting as high as we could.  probably enjoying the rush if provided.  i can’t remember which one of us started it, but at some point we started singing at the top of our lungs.  which song was it that these two sweet girls on the cusp of womanhood were screaming you ask? well…darling nikki of course.

“i knew a girl named nikki i guess you could say she was a sex fiend.  i met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine.  she said how would you like to waste some time and i could not resist when i saw little nikki grind.”

yeah, kids get on your bobby socks and poodle skirts and meet me at the hop…….or the opposite of that.

funny the things you remember in those moments when you are fighting to rise from sleep,


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