day 18

so, some of you may have heard that i am married to a cute micro-manager.  if this is news to you, here is an example.  i apparently don’t know how to shovel.  imagine my surprise.  i have been shoveling since my parents deemed me worthy, which was probably at the age of 4.  but said cutie helped me to see how wrong i was in thinking i was worthy ever.  i should say, that were it not for the huge calorie burn that one gets from shoveling, i would have told, mr cutie mccutepants to kindly find a small dark orifice for his shovel.  ahh, but i digress.  see i had been out of town for the first 24 inches of snow we had received.  my traveling companion’s car was left in our drive way during the storm.  mr cutie shoveled a galley for her to pull her car out.  that meant after the next 6 inches of snow the galley walls were already taller than my mighty, but slight 5’3″.  my plan was to shovel the wall that bisected the driveway, thus having more room to disperse the snow.  thus, allowing me to reach the peak.  smart right?  i had a plan.  mr getting far less cute by the minute asks me where i am shoveling.  i respond with the logical answer, ” to china”.  see if it were me i would think that the sarcastic comment would be indicative of a plan.  yeah not mr what’s his name.  he keeps on keeping on.   i do the next best thing.  i turn up the volume and take off my glasses, thus making all forms of communication impossible.

see i’m a survivor.  i want to be married to mr was cuter 24 hours ago.

this brings me to the point.  day 18.  day 18 is the day in a woman’s cycle where her husband is far less charming, or tolerable.  the level to which he sinks is directly correlated to how far up he was before day 18.  husbands, day 18 is when your wife no longer, for about a week resembles the woman that you married.  unless of course you got married on day 18, then i got nothing for you, because you came into this with eyes wide open.  in short, men, you should keep a calendar and when your wife starts acting like satan mark the date.  that’s day 18.  count 28 days from that and you’ll have day 18 for next month.  of course you could ride by the seat of your pants, put i wouldn’t recommend it.

see if mr what’s his name had been keeping track he would have know to let me shovel my way!!!!  on the other hand i hear they do make drugs for battling day 18…sounds a little boring.



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  1. laura

    i should have my said husband read this article and would explain my reasoning for my said shovelling.

  2. EH Shuba

    thanks lala.

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  4. poker Face

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