deep thoughts by mama

     so, i’ve always imagined that inside my head there is a flintstone-esque saber-toothed rodent on a wheel.  i am an internal obsesser.  that rodent never hops off the wheel for a drink.  it’s always just spinning.  i have vivid memories as a child of lying in bed and not being able to get the rodent to sleep.  i would lay there worrying about what i would grab, should a fire break out, on my exodus to safety.  i would pontificate on the reality of my life.  was this life real, or was it just another person’s dream.  what would happen when that person woke up?  would we all go away?  i know, so deep.  i used to have sleep overs at my great grandmother’s.  she always made me feel special in a way that my mother, with 3 other children to occupy her time never could.  mama took a nap everyday.  i would sit in front of the tv (this is where i developed my love for kung-fu movies) sniffing my lumpy pillow (my lovey).  mama would come down from her nap and tell me that sniffing my pillow wasn’t good for me.  that recirculating my air wasn’t good for my brain.  so it occurs to me that maybe my lovely brain matter was shriveled by rebreathing my own air, thus allowing room for the rodent.  take a deep breath, just not into a pillow.



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  1. Dushie

    Fire thing…check
    Living in someone else’s dream….check
    While I didn’t breath into a pillow, I did put the covers over my head because I was always freezing. I worried about carbon monoxide poisoning so I would pull the covers back for a couple of clean breaths then go back in. Is it possible that we were living in each other’s dream?

  2. EH Shuba

    without a doubt!!

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