did you get my message? not so much

     so, my dad has started texting.  while he is normally a fairly eloquent man in person, he sounds life a german f-tard.  he abbreviates things that don’t really make sense abbreviated. and spells out things that could easily be said in an abridged fashion.  for some reason he texts in inverted work order.   example. “sorry missed call. yes to offr and also best of if have thnks d.”  um….what????  AND he ends all of his texts with LOL.  i don’t think he thinks LOL means what it means to the rest of us. sometimes he says LOL when i’m not even being funny (it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes).  i’m not really an LOL kinda girl. i mean in real life i’m more of a cackler. COL just doesn’t have the same ring.  i usually prefer to text giggle, cause chances are i am giggling at what you just typed not LOLing or even ROTFLMAO. i mean, just there i had to take more time to figure out the letters for that than if i had just written it out.  i don’t know, maybe it’s me that’s too old for this stuff.  thank goodness for google because i wouldn’t know what my younger cousins were talking about half the time.  i’m cool with that though. i love words.  i love the way they feel rolling off your tongue (or fingers as the case may be).  some words NEED to be spelled out. like pkl or frt maybe spr.  i’m always thinking maybe i’m missing the point of what people are saying as it is.  the way is see it, txtng is the dvl tryng to kp me frm comunicatng.


6 responses to “did you get my message? not so much”

  1. Dshe

    jst wntd 2 sA u r my pff
    lt me no if u nd a trnsltr

  2. EH Shuba

    mine too

    yes please
  3. Joanne B

    Sitting in a cafe in South Africa laughing out loud. You crack me up!!!!

  4. Kristin

    Just saw your dad Monday…and am so chuckling (cklg?) at his text. At least he’s in the game! I finally halfheartedly succumbed to LOL because my “haha” just didn’t seem to cut it anymore. I wonder how we will inspire chuckling from our kids in our golden years. Have a great weekend!

  5. EH Shuba

    thanks lady. cool, i’m transcontinental!

  6. EH Shuba

    won’t succumb you can’t make me ! my kids laugh at me all the time…does that count?

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