easter after

so, things seldom unfold in the way you thought they would.  that’s not always a bad thing.  

while most, were down in the rumpus room raving about the new carpet (and rave they did…stubby hubs hunk saw to that.), my sibs were reading easter before.

the bird said it made her weepy, so they wanted to see why.  then i played for them the podcast of awesomeness where i was interviewed about the post you gotta know when to hold ’em.

(I will put the pod cast on here if i can figure out how. advice will be gratefully accepted.)  one by one everybody came upstairs and were listening too.  it wasn’t my intention.  stubby hubs hunk was none too pleased.  he said, more than once, this isn’t appropriate easter entertainment.  i suppose that’s up to the beholder, cause no one stepped away or turned it off.  my mother in law was doing a lot of head shaking, which is weird because they censored me saying big gaping vagina.  the rest wasn’t all that bad…….for me.  

at one point, i took stock of my surroundings and noticed that it was the six of us, just laughing and talking.  my parents, the sibs and me.  my mom was beaming.  she had her ducks all around her and she was aglow.  

i remember you.  your mustache and the jelly that wasn’t in my hair.  i was your first.

i remember you.  adoration in your eyes like none other i have known. 

i remember you.  i have no memory of life without you.  you were my first partner. 

i remember you.  so quiet. so sweet.  how you have blossomed into a woman i love. 

i remember you.  my other book end.  the artist i will never be.  

we have wrestled verbally and physically.  we have loved and lost together.  you are mine and you have given me the gift of being fearless.  i am wrong often, but i know i can do no wrong too great to lose you. you all have helped me to be the mother, wife, sister, and daughter that i am proud to be.  


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