easter before

so, it’s 7:00 am and i sit up in ground zero (bed) and contemplate the day ahead.  my kids don’t believe in the easter bunny any more, but they pretend.  it’s strictly a don’t ask don’t tell situation.  they know the rules.  you may get up, but you can’t start looking until both parents are up with a cup of coffee (perfectly reasonable).

i have 17 of my favorite people coming to my house for easter dinner. we are not super religious people, but we love each other with a fierceness that is seldom seen in families today.  i am the eldest and they all worship me (the rumpus room redo deux

comments may be a result of an inflated ego.) because i am the eldest and i am perfectly willing to strong arm them if they don’t.  they will come, have wine, eat our well prepared, bon appetite-esque meal, enjoy an easter egg hunt.  they will rave.  after all they know what goes into entertaining.  i have laid carpet for the love of little baby jesus!  

the buddy has come home from grad school just to share easter with us (ok so he had some artsy fartsy thing in philly.  this is my before you just hush.)  the poor dear needed a home cooked meal, and i’m just the bossy, below the belt hitting kinda broad to give it to him.  

the brew will be here with his growing brood, yep it’s new news there’s a little brew brewing.  

the bird and what we can now call her family, after getting married in december will be in attendance.  

oh and the rents! i will do my best to make my dad laugh (it occurred to me recently, that i love that sound so much, because we didn’t hear it too much as kids.) and set my mom up for zingers that she thinks she thought up for herself.  what ever happens, rest assured there will plenty of fodder for “easter after”.

stubby hubs hunk’s family will be here too (i can’t write about them as i was forced to signed a confidentiality agreement). i can say that father-in-law will drink enough wine to make is cheeks turn bright red (one glass).  mother-in-law will go on about how dinner is very good. brother and sister-in- law will be good listeners (who knows maybe they are doing some writing of their own). i imagine with the lot of us making so much noise, there isn’t room for other voices.  

i am the luckiest!  i invite them and they come.  we will laugh.  we will tell the same old stories, and maybe a few new ones.  holidays at the monkey house are all about family and i couldn’t have hand chosen a better one.  life isn’t easy, but when you have peeps to pick you up when you fall, the fall isn’t so hard or far.  i am who i am because of them and i love them just the way they are.  

christos anesti,


4 responses to “easter before”

  1. Annie

    Enjoy making some wonderful memories!

  2. EH Shuba

    stay tuned for the “after”

  3. LisaB

    Nothing says family like the fun in dysFUNctional! Have a great family day. I like hanging out with the family peeps, too. They get me. They love me. I don’t have to try and impress. :)

    AND, I get to spend time with Pootie Pants, The Seester. :)

  4. EH Shuba

    you got that right!. i hope you had a great day

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