even granny can be an f-tard

     so, i think i’ve said before that i’ve been writing since i was a kid.  for the most part i would write in a journal.  mostly just my thoughts.  definitly not for public consumption.  there were two times in my life where one of my parents read my journal with out asking.  i won’t say which one, but it wasn’t my father.  the last time i was in my mid twenties. when i asked her why she would do that, her response was, “at least i told you”.  see, i’m of the mind that once you have made a breech of that magnitude, you are really only assugeing your own guilt by informing your victim.       last night i was out with the hubs.  when i got in the car and looked at my phone there was a barage of emails from a friend.  lucky for her i read the last one first.  it went like this

    Hello E, I think I may have ballsed up. I meant to send a load of mail to my sister and I think it has gone to you !! Its not pretty !! FUCK !!!! How did it go to you for fucks sake !!! Please my dear E be discreet for me, I feel daft enough as it is……

     let the giggling begin.  i then promptly deleted all of the following emails before reading them.  it’s not my business.  if she wants to share, i’m sure willing to hear the story.  i don’t want to be the source of that much anxiety for anyone.  i did tell her that this was her one and only get out of jail free card and if it happens again she’ll be forced to refer to me at the town crier.  it begs to be acknowledged that this dear friend is a potty mouth.  a talent which i mostly enjoy from the sidelines.  but i can’t quite shake the f-bomb.  i’m thinking now that kids are old enough  to discern between words that you may hear and still not repeat. so like the skinny jeans you try on every so often to see if they still give you a square butt, i may be working the mother of all curse words back into my vinacular.  

thanks judes and cheers, 



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  1. Dushie

    This alone may be the reason to have one last S&B night. Get granny liquored up and make her spill the beans.

  2. dushie

    PS is vinacular when you begin using the F-bomb when you are drinking wine? This is not a scrabble word.

  3. EH Shuba


  4. EH Shuba


  5. Jude

    cam I be liquored with lemon drops please ? and e, who are you calling potty mouth, fucking neck of it !!

  6. EH Shuba

    for sure, i mean you are famous.  i am a mere serf to your queen when it comes to potty mouth.

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