fact or fiction friday

welcome to fact or fiction friday.  you decide:  

at subway they call their breakfast sandwiches egg mc-whatever.  

some have said i move to the beat of my own drummer.  the goose has her own soundtrack.  if you listen closely you can hear it.  

it’s totally normal for an 11 year old girl wearing a batting helmet and holding an aluminum bat (fred astaire style) to be doing the running man instead of warming up.

trainers notice when you wear deodorant.  and will let you know as much.  

quilting is fun, easy one the back, and soothing to the soul.  

i have a crush on my boxing trainer. but i didn’t know it until he put a baseball cap on. 

music can soothe your soul Grace Potter at the Boston Music Awards  

people need to do things for you when you are suffering a loss. 

no matter what “it” is you will get through it.  

the weekends are long enough.

you can get too much sleep.

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