five questions

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1) what are you called? they call me pootie pie

2) who are you on the inside? immature 15 year old trapped in a smoking hot 17 
year old body

3) who are you on the outside? forty fluffy fabulous

4) what do you love? my family my independence

5) what do you hate? anything remotely related to house work

and one to grow on 

6)who/what do you want to be? a MILF with a heart of gold and a AMEX paid for by my sugar daddy, so i can save the world one star fish at a time

i’m told they call her pootie pie
i have to say i wonder why
this fluffy fabulous forty something
she thrives on family and independence bells that ring
it’s house work that she abhors
but if you touch the 15 year old inside she’s yours
for all she says, she’s a heart of gold
and now her story has all been told

4 responses to “five questions”

  1. Dick Whitman

    Hmmm I wonder – just what are the ingredients for Pootie Pie. Is it something tobe served after dinner? can I serve it to guests? is it even something to eat? is it sweet or is it savory? I wonder.

    Sounds like we steal some beer and hide under the bleachers for a few days.

    Fluffy?? you there is actually a related line of work……….

    Aspirations for MILFdom. You know you would have to give up a lot of that fluffy independence you presently enjoy to get the AMEX Black. I wonder………..

  2. EH Shuba

    hi dick. i can hardly believe that i’ve garnered so much attention from mad men.  while i’m thrilled that you keep stopping by, i do  wish that you all were working feverishly to get the next season up and going.

    as for pootie pie, you may have to visit her and post those questions to her directly as i am but the messenger.
    knock one back for me, e
  3. Dick Whitman

    I have a scotch in one hand (Johnny Walker Blue it an excellent blended) and my Dictaphone in the other. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

  4. EH Shuba

    well with 60 year aged scotch i can only imagine it will be magic

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