5 responses to “for mature audiences only…which pretty much counts me out”

  1. JenBallz

    I too have a dirty mind, but you’ve gotta think that anyone who reads those lyrics would “get it”. The other day I was thinking how cute “CandyMan” (Christina Aguilera) would be – a little bugle boy and some girls dressed up 1940’s like. I figured the “makes my panties drop” line wouldn’t pass muster though.

  2. Kate

    Are there any pop songs written before 1940 that aren’t dirty in one way or another? Reminds me of the episode of Glee (yeah, I watch it!) where the religious lady picks “Afternoon Delight” as her song thinking it’s about dessert…which I guess it kinda’ is :)

  3. Kate

    Ahem. I meant *after* 1940…

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