gimme the keys i'm driving

    so, my husband was on my neflix account to add some movies and he noticed that the heading for movies recommended for me was “drama with a strong female” oh how appropiate that is…

     i come form a long line of strong women.  some of us have had our husbands die in our arms, others of us have lost husbands to war, the rest of us just came out tough because of good strong genetics.  we all, as far back as i can remember have married reserved, sweet men.  that is, except for my mother.  she married a funny, spazzy, yet supportive man.  i firmly believe that every bump they ever had in their marriage was because they both were fighting to be top dog. see, if you’re a tough cookie and you marry sweetness and light, when they put their foot down you aquiece because it’s the right thing to do (my husband would probably argue that this is not how it is in our home.  well he should get his own blog then).  if you’re two tough cookies, you just keep fighting for the stage.
     that, and my father has NO sense of direction, none, zero, zip.  i got all that talent from him.  it’s a recipe for disaster really.  i have all the pep but no direction.  picture spinning donuts in the parking lot, and you have a window into my world.  i got all of the strength and desire to be in charge, but don’t know where i’m going.  gimme the keys i’m driving, where is it we are going again.  i am amazed that my husband can go somewhere once and remember his way around the next time.  not i!  i turned the wrong way coming out of the parking lot of a place i have been going to and from for a year just last night.  it’s alright it’s the down side of awesomeness!  i mean every coin has two sides.  if i had all this and a sense of direction i would take over the world. 
     this malady has been one cultivated over many years.  i had set out to walk to a friend’s house when i was 9 and hours later ended up back home having to be driven to said friend’s house.  the family joke when someone is telling me where something is, is to quote me.  i may have asked nervously. “are there any turns?”  so i did what any survivor does, i married someone who could get me where i needed to go.  when we were first married, he would take me to job interviews or any other place i hadn’t been before.  that was way back when he still thought i was cute, and cared if i came back home or not.  when i was younger i wanted to be a cop.  you could see why that wouldn’t have panned out too well…there’s a robbery taking place in the west end of town….um ok….are there any turns?
behind this strong woman is a quiet man telling her where to turn.  thank goodness.

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